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By Shae, Published 11/22/2020

Does anyone else miss traveling?  I sure do!  Whether it is a far flung adventure or just a day trip, it is so nice to get away from your normal.  Even though our normal is pretty good (we absolutely love St. John!), sometimes it feels like we can’t truly relax unless we are off our little rock. What do we do when we need a little relaxation? We head to Jost Van Dyke for the day.  

There is something about Jost, the color of the water on White Bay, and the fact there isn’t much to do but just sit back and relax.  It seems like everyone is so happy to be in such a beautiful place sipping wonderful drinks.  We always stop at Soggy Dollar for a Painkiller or two.  Even though I make them at home, they are never as good.  There is nothing like spending the afternoon at Soggy’s with nothing to do, except maybe trying to perfect the ring game.  If you watch the video, I think you’ll see Chad has a unique method.

The last few times we have been to Jost, we have eaten at Hendo’s Hideout.  We love the relaxing ambiance and their wonderful menu.  It’s nice that you have the option of getting a bottle of wine with your lunch.  On our last visit, we had their grilled lobster, and it was delicious. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water.


Hopefully we’ll all get to travel again soon.  When we do, personally, I think I will enjoy it even more.  I’ll savor every bite, take in the views, enjoy the locals, appreciate every minute. I’ll know it’s not just a given, it’s a privilege to experience things that are out of our norm.  Where will I go first?  I’m not sure, but it just may be to Jost to have that grilled lobster:)


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