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By Shae, Published 12/15/2020

From time to time, customers have asked me which piece in the store is my absolute favorite.  Such a hard question!  There are so many pieces I love, but when choosing an absolute favorite, I try to think of the one piece I go for day after day.  Honestly, I just can’t pick one, but I have narrowed it down to two. :)

One of my favorites is the Shae Ring.












First off, I love the name! 😂  Seriously, it is just such a stunning piece.  It is substantial, not delicate, but still it doesn’t seem too much.  Your eye is drawn to the ripple of the hammered gold. The way the diamonds are set irregular makes it interesting, and against that hammered gold, you get maximum sparkle.  When I wear it, it gets attention!

My other favorite is the Three Virgins Earrings with Diamonds.












I honestly wear these earrings every day.  Because of the hammered gold, diamonds, and length, you notice them but they are light and comfortable to wear.  Also, I feel like they go with absolutely everything, which is why I continue to choose them day after day.

Will anything ever top these two? It seems whenever we design a new piece, I am quick to declare it as my new favorite.  But only time will tell you which pieces you continue to choose on daily basis, so much so, they almost become a part of you and your personality.  That’s the beauty of jewelry!  




Do you have a Bamboo Studio favorite?                                                                    

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