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Guide to Engagement Ring Styles & Settings

Styles vs. Settings

When it comes to engagement rings, understanding the distinction between "styles" and "settings" is key. The "style" encompasses the overall aesthetic—whether it's sleek and modern or ornate and vintage-inspired. On the other hand, the "setting" refers to how the gemstones are mounted within the ring, comprising the "head" (top with gemstones) and the "shank" (encircling the finger).

Let's delve into the enchanting world of ring styles before exploring the common settings.

Vintage-Inspired Rings

For those captivated by intricate details and a touch of history, our vintage-inspired rings are a testament to the craftsmanship of eras gone by. Drawing inspiration from the elegance of Edwardian and Art Deco jewelry, we blend traditional charm with modern technology, ensuring each piece is a timeless work of art.

Nature-Inspired Rings

Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! Our collection features engagement rings inspired by the beauty of the natural world. From leaf detailing to bark textures, these rings serve as miniature keepsakes, capturing the essence of our awe-inspiring environment.

Romantic & Whimsical Rings

For a touch of romance, our whimsical rings showcase softer, warmer tones. Luscious pinks and sensuous cuts like pear and heart shapes embody lasting romance, creating rings that speak volumes about love.

Modern Rings

Embrace the contemporary with our modern rings, influenced by the clean lines of modern architecture and the dynamic energy of contemporary art. These designs transform the featured stone into a mesmerizing centerpiece, resulting in sleek, wearable art.

Classic & Traditional Rings

For a timeless and tried-and-tested look, our classic engagement rings boast clean lines, subtle pavé accents, and traditional cuts. Emerald and step-cut diamonds paired with simple bands exude classic elegance.

Engagement Ring Settings

Now, let's explore the various settings that elevate the beauty of your chosen style.


The timeless solitaire, dating back over a century, allows the diamond to shine at its fullest capacity. With clean and sophisticated engineering, it remains a beloved choice for its simplicity and brilliance.


Modern yet classic, the halo setting frames the center stone with smaller stones, enhancing its overall sparkle. Ideal for those seeking a romantic touch and increased visual impact.

Three-Stone Setting

Featuring a larger center stone flanked by two complementary stones, the three-stone setting creates visual focus and architectural interest. The center stone's shape determines the flanking stones, resulting in a harmonious composition.

Shank / Split Shank Setting

Experience versatility and uniqueness with split shank designs. The split shank not only enhances the ring's architecture and security but also provides a visually impactful composition on the finger.

Bezel Setting

Offering security and a sleek look, the bezel setting wraps metal around the stone, elegantly framing it. A perfect blend of old-fashioned charm and modern sophistication.

Pavé Setting

Indulge in a delicate carpet of brilliance with the pavé setting, featuring small diamonds set close together. Elevate the overall brilliance of your ring with this captivating setting.

Channel Setting

For those who appreciate extra brilliance with added security, the channel setting is a robust option. Diamonds are set into a groove with a protective lip on either side, combining architectural appeal with durability.

Now armed with knowledge about styles and settings, embark on your journey to find the engagement ring that perfectly symbolizes your love story. If you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to reach out —we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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