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By Chad, Published 03/07/2021

Since Shae talked about her favorite pieces of Bamboo Studio jewelry, I thought I would share mine too.  

I am not much of a jewelry guy. I wear my wedding ring, my watch, and my hook bracelet.  I wear a silver and gold Salty Dog hook bracelet.  It has become second nature to wear it, and if I forget, I feel like something is missing!

Back when we started making hooks, all the ones I had ever seen had a certain look.  They started off perfectly shiny smooth or hammered, and if you had them for some time, they were dulled down a bit.  I wanted one that looked different. I wanted it to look like something a sailor would have worn for years.  It would look like it had traveled the globe and had stories to tell.  It wasn’t about looking perfect, it was about looking worn and weathered, like an Ol’ Salty Dog.  

I set to work creating a bracelet, then hammered the heck out of it.  I didn’t want the traditional even hammering, I wanted some deep knicks and grooves in it.  After I got the desired look, I wanted it to look tarnished.  I used a chemical to tarnish the deep grooves, and I loved the end result!

Pops sporting the Salty


It means a lot that so many customers have bought and loved the Salty Dog bracelet.  If it fades, we can always reoxidize it, but I never touch mine, I let it do it’s thing.  My bracelet has been on many travels, has some stories to tell, and I hope it has many more to come!


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