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By Shae, Published 04/29/2021























Many people that have come into our store have met Chewy, have you?

Chewy was born on 2/25/2006 and he came into our life four months after that.  He flew from Kentucky to St. John and has been living the island life for the past 14 years.  He loves coconuts, going to the beach and sleeping.  Sounds like the perfect island dog, right?

A little help please!


Nevermind, I'm good!


He also loves coming to work with me.  Many of our customers have visited him throughout the years.  In fact, our sales people always get a kick out of customers that walk in and ask “Where’s Chewy?”

Chewy has been my constant companion, and the last few years he has been traveling with us more.  Last year, he even got to go on a European adventure! He traveled to Spain, Italy and France.  I think France was his favorite because there were little dogs everywhere, although he really seemed to like the Jamon in Spain. 😂












                                      My handsome man in St. Barths...and Chad



Bonjour! from Eze, France






















                                                                 Family pic in Portofino, Italy


I never knew a little dog could capture my heart so completely. Chad and I are going to enjoy every minute we have with him, and we hope we have many more adventures to come. If you haven’t met him yet, stop by on your next trip!  



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By: Angela Burke 04/29/2021

I have not met Chewy, but I’ve gone in several times hoping to meet him! I love that you travel with him everywhere - my husband and I take our 14 year old yorkie on all our vacations too! She’s been to St. John more than 30 times, as well as a ton of other places too. Hopefully Lucie and Chewy can meet soon!